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The Best Skin Care Products For Men Can Greatly Benefit Your Complexion Now and in the Long Term

There’s no doubt about it skin care products for men are becoming more popular and widely used today than ever before, however there still seems to be some resistance to using skin cream by men in the middle-aged and older categories.

I guess some older men just don’t like the idea of rubbing anti-aging moisturizing cream all over their face, they more than likely have never done it before during the last 40 or more years — so why should they bother starting now.

What they fail to realize is that their skin has degraded over this time to the point where it needs some of the benefits these creams can offer, which will help to save them having more severe skin problems later on.

To my way of thinking the earlier you start using skin care products for men the better. Obviously one of the worst things men can’t avoid doing every day is shaving unless of course — you grow a beard. Shaving with a blade can often cause irritation; redness and rashes that sometimes turn nasty and can become inflamed.

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What Are The Ideal Cholesterol Levels For Men?

The ideal cholesterol levels for men should be below 200 mg/dl. Though cholesterol up to a certain limit can prove to be useful, excess can be quite harmful to the body. It is used to synthesize bile and hormones, form cell membranes and produce vitamins. An increased amount of cholesterol in the body has adverse effect. The type and amount of cholesterol in the body can have important health effects on cardiovascular system. Cholesterol levels are affected by factors like smoking, lifestyle, age, alcohol consumption, obesity and genetics.

SOURCE OF CHOLESTEROL: The cholesterol is synthesized by the liver from saturated fat in the body. It is also obtained from animal-based foods, such as meat, eggs and dairy products.

HARMFUL EFFECTS OF HIGH CHOLESTEROL LEVELS: Excess cholesterol deposit on the walls of the artery and causes them to narrow (atherosclerosis). This narrow passage results in blockage and interrupts with normal blood flow. This causes serious health complications such as stroke, heart attack and coronary artery disease.

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Antiaging for Men Only

We all get older, let’s face it. Nobody likes it but the alternative to getting older is not that pleasant to face. One of the things you should be doing if you don’t want to lose your looks or your health as the years pile on is to take care of your health. There are a lot of things you can do to “grow old gracefully”as they say. The first thing should be taking care of your health. That begins with the most basic things, including diet, exercise and, of course, your beauty sleep. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. Not getting enough sleep is going to stack on the pounds, especially around your belly, for both men and women. Get your zzzzzz’s.

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Avoiding growing old can be assisted with your diet. Making sure you don’t eat junk food that contains sugars (all kinds of them), starches also known as refined carbohydrates and eat less red meat because red meat not only causes cholesterol problems, it can cause cancer.

Also be sure to eat lots of dark green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and then add the colorful vegetables such as carrots, and peppers. Don’t forget the dark red fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. All of these help your anti oxidant levels to fight the free radicals in your body. Also add whole grains to your diet to fight constipation and avoid colon cancer.

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